General Questions

Anyone over 18 years old can apply for the course as long as they meet the required criteria specific to the chosen course.

One can apply simply by contacting us through our website, Facebook, Instagram or by calling us. We can first set up a skills assessment meeting in order to help you decide which courses cater best for your needs and career plans.

It all depends on the course and the participants.
When organising a class, if we have enough English-speaking participants, we can and will organise the class for an English speaking group.
However some classes require basic fluency of Maltese such as:
  • Ħiliet Bażiċi fil-Malti Komunikattiv (L-Ewwel Livell)
  • Ħiliet Bażiċi fil-Malti Komunikattiv (It-Tieni Livell)

To be awarded the certificate you need to attend 80% of the lessons and, also, achieving a mark of at least 80% on the assessment.