Creating a Brighter Future

Recruitment with MTRM

We strive to find the best candidates for employers, and we do this by carrying out interviews with each and every candidate. During the interview process we use a profiling tool involving psychometric testing, specifically designed by our company after interviewing hundreds of people, with the aim to get to know the candidate and their employment needs.
Thus, candidates who are put forward to employers would have been first interviewed and screened by us.

As part of our recruitment package we offer the following:

  • ✓ Draft advert for vacancy
  • ✓ Launch advert campaign
  • ✓ Advertise vacancy on our social media accounts and on our website
  • ✓ Search our existing database for potential candidates
  • ✓ Interview and screen interested candidates
  • ✓ Introduce shortlisted candidates to the employer

​ Employers seeking employees are encouraged to speak with us for more information about our recruitment package, and people looking for employment are encouraged to book an interview with us and we could direct them to the job of their dreams!