Award in Developing Self

Training Course: SC02 - Award in Developing Self-Confidence

Course Description: The rationale for this course is to equip the applicants with self-awareness skills which will guide them through the journey of enhancing their self-confidence. This course will support the application in believing in their own capabilities to select an effective approach to undertake an action, task, or activity, especially in challenging circumstances at the workplace. Many individuals, especially those who have been out of employment for several years, tend to feel discouraged and experience a low self-esteem and sometimes even low self-worth. This course will be a motivator to encourage a better way of life and create a positive outlook towards employment.

EQF/ MQF Level: Level 2                                                       ECTS per course: 3

Mode of Delivery: Traditional/ Face to Face                        Total Hours: 110 hours

Mode of Attendance: Part Time                                           Language: English    

Programme Duration: 6 Weeks

Target Audience: 16-18, 25+,

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Target Group: A preparatory vocational training specifically designed for job seekers who have been employed in the past and are seeking to return into the labour market working the same or similar job or else changing their career path. 

Accreditation Category: Further Education Programme

Accredited by: Malta Further & Higher Education Authority. (MFHEA).

Course Structure:

By the end of this course, the applicants will be able to:

-   Define self-confidence and self-esteem

-   Acquire skills which build self confidence

-   Recognise factors which damage self-confidence and self-esteem and avoid them

-   Identify their own skills, abilities, and values

-   Become more aware of personal habits and attitudes

-   Practice positive thinking and avoid negative thinking

-   Control Stress and manage their fear

-   Manage anger more effectively

-   Understand and practice assertiveness

-   Understand and apply self-care and self-talk

-   Practice Time management skills

-   Take realistic action about their own self-worth by compiling a reflective action plan.

-   Demonstrate self-presentations skills in front of others. 

Entry Requirements: Applicants could have but not necessarily the ability to read and write basic English or Maltese. A profiling assessment and an individual interview before will determine the learners’ level. (A copy of the profiling assessment and entry criteria are attached.) In the case of any participants with literacy problems, the assessment and any other course materials will be given orally, with extra help provided.

Outline of Course: This module introduces the applicants to the key themes brought forward within this course. It will serve as a good guide for the applicants to assess their current state of knowledge about their own self-confidence and self-esteem. The module will also provide the opportunity to the applicants to explore their skills, abilities, and values, and to reflect about their recurring behaviours (e.g., habits, time management skills, etc.).

Learning Outcomes:


a) Recognise actions and/or situations which have an impact on self-confidence

b) Employ practised skills to take the necessary action when experiencing

negative influences which affect self-confidence and self-worth

c) Identify and appreciate the personal values, skills and abilities which match

the individual's personality and be grateful for one's achievements

d) Distinguish between current/future good and bad habits.

e) Illustrate an awareness of time management skills.


a) Define the meaning of self-confidence and self-esteem

b) Distinguish the difference between self-confidence and self-worth

c) identify personal values, skills and abilities, and their influence on one's life

d) Interpret the origination of habits and their effects on one's life

e) identify ways in which to foster time management skills.


The learner will be able to:

a) Implement practices which increase self-esteem

b) Avoid situations where self-confidence could be at risk of declining

c) Hone existing values, skills, and abilities, and enhance them for further development of self-confidence

d) Practice good habits which contribute towards a better/positive lifestyle and avoid/eliminate bad habits which are having a negative impact towards self-confidence.

e) Apply newly learnt time management skills on a day-to-day basis, utilising the reflective action plan to reflect on opportunities and good habits.

Judgment Skills and Critical Abilities

The learner will be able to:

a) Apply skills to judge what enhances self-confidence and what does not

b) Apply skills to judge what works for personal self-worth and what does not use the reflective action plan.

c) Identify in a realistic manner the personal values (including morals), skills and abilities, and aim to achieve more in life

d) Interpret habits realistically, especially those which are affecting one's self- confidence, and implement habits which will boost self-confidence

Additional Module-Specific Communication Skills, if required.

The learner will be able to:

a) Apply skills to confidently communicate one's own attributes in the presence of others

b) Discuss respectfully with the members of the team and tutor.

c) Explain personal thoughts without judgement whilst listening to others

Additional Module-Specific Learner Skills, if required.

The learner will be able to:

a) Review own learning through case studies and group activities

b) identify everyday failures as an opportunity to develop for the better

Learning Outcome 1: Outcome Type – Skill

Identify the ideal methods of communication. Demonstrate the ability to work in teams with a more collaborative disposition. Display more confidence whilst communicating. Show that they can communicate more effectively with others especially employers and colleagues.

Learning Outcome 2: Outcome Type - Knowledge

Practice self-reflective behaviour. Recognise their desires and emotions. Demonstrate better decision making through reflection and positive thinking etc. Develop better assertiveness skills.

Assessment: The assessment mainly consists of a short presentation (minimum of 5 minutes) that the participants will be preparing about a topic of their choice (e.g., a hobby, a place they visited, an interest, etc.) and present it to the class. The presentation is done individually. The presentation cannot be work-related as the aim of this exercise is to encourage the participants to speak in front of the class in a confident manner, which is a skill that can be utilised in the world of work. The participants can present their subject through means that the participant deems fit, e.g., charts, video, power-point, pictures, etc. The participants are expected to respond to the questions asked by the class during the presentation. The participants are assessed against the following criteria: how they presented themselves in front of the class, how they interacted with the class and the trainer during the presentation, and how they managed to apply the skills and knowledge that were taught during the lessons, such as assertiveness and positive language. Furthermore, the participants are required to compile a reflective action plan for each completed module, with the trainer providing constructive feedback, satisfying the assessment for learning approach.

Hours of Total Learning – 110:

Total Contact Hours: 35

Self-Study Hours: 70

Supervised Practice Hours: 0

Assessment Hours: 5

Course Fee: €400 per person (min 6 persons)

Date of Next Intake: January 2024

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