Award in Occupational Health and Safety for General Drivers

Training Course: GD02 - Award in Occupational Health and Safety for General Drivers

Course Description: The rationale for this course is to equip the applicants with on-the-road health and safety skills which will guide them through the journey of enhancing their knowledge in Occupational Health and Safety. This course will support the participant in acquiring the necessary safety knowledge and to select an effective approach to undertake an action, task, or activity, especially in challenging environments or circumstances while operating his/her vehicle.

MQF Level: Level 2                                                              ECTS: 4

Mode of Delivery: Traditional/ Face to Face                      Total Hours: 100 hours

Mode of Attendance: Part Time                                        Language: English

Programme Duration: 8 Weeks

Target Audience: 16-18, 25+,

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Target Group: A preparatory vocational training specifically designed for job seekers who have been employed in the past and are seeking to return to the labour market doing the same or similar job or else changing their career path.

Accreditation Category: Further Education Programme 

Accredited by: Malta Further & Higher Education Authority. (MFHEA).

Course Structure: By the end of the course, the applicants will be able to:

  •     List Occupational Health and Safety Laws and Regulations.
  •       Identify Hazards and their risks.
  •        Name the Transport Malta Code of Practice.
  •      Recognize the use and concept of Personal Protective Equipment.
  •        Identify Physical and Psychological Hazards and Controls.
  •       Practice Safe Culture.
  •        Recognize Chemicals & the Transporting of Chemicals & Routed of Entry into the body.
  •        Identify Common Hazards. 

Entry Requirements: Applicants must have the ability to read and write basic English/Maltese. IT literacy would be an asset but not a must. A graded profiling test and an individual interview will determine the learners’ level. The profiling test would determine the literacy level of the applicants’ English and Maltese.

Outline of Course: The course - Occupational Health and Safety for General Drivers consists of l module, divided into 8 units.

Unit 1

Occupational Health & Safety

Laws & Regulations

Unit 2

Part 1: Identify Hazards

Part 2: identify Risks

Unit 3

Malta Transport - Code of Practice

Unit 4

Personal Protective Equipment

Unit 5

Physical & Psychological Hazards & Controls

Unit 6

Safe Culture

Unit 7

Chemicals - Transporting of Chemicals

Chemicals - Routes of Entry into the Body

Unit 8

Common Hazards


Final Assessment 

The module is broken up into the above units. In total, they cover the legal and safety requirements of any driver employed in the Maltese Islands. 

Competences: - at the end of the module/unit the learner will have acquired the responsibility and autonomy to:

·         Become aware of the legislations in force and procedures.

·         Recognize the importance of identifying the Hazard.

·         Evaluate Risks.

·         Take immediate action to eliminate or reduce Hazards.

·         Make use of Administrative and Engineering controls.

·         Demonstrate familiarity with Personal Protective Equipment.

·         Recognise work processes & practices that may cause Musculoskeletal Disorders - and different work environments that might lead to stress, including the effects of drugs and alcohol on a worker's health.

·         Recognise the importance of a Safe Culture which is managed and followed at the place of work.

·         Identify chemical agents and how they affect the body, and routes of entry into the body.

Knowledge- at the end of the module/unit the learner will have been exposed to the following:

·         Identify the concept and principles of OHS Malta Authority Legislation.

·         Recall the functions & duties of OH&S Legal Obligations.

·         Identify Hazards.

·         Evaluate Risks.

·         Be familiar with the Malta Transport Code of Practice.

·         Be familiar with legislation regarding PPE.

·         Distinguish between safe physical practices whilst driving.

·         Recognise chemical hazards and the potential danger to the human body. 

Skills - at the end of the module/unit the learner will have acquired the following skills:

Applying knowledge and understanding. The learner will be able to:

The participants who successfully complete this course will develop a sense of self-knowledge and self-awareness with regards to Occupational Health and Safety while operating vehicles. The candidates will recognise the importance to regulate and abide by H&S laws. They will be able to:

·         Become more self-reflective.

·         Identify different workplace and on-the-road scenarios.

·         Interrelate and enhance their individual learning style.

·         Become more motivated to maintain H&S procedures.

·         Carry out a RA and discuss its benefits.

·         Recognize that RA is obligatory by Law.

·         Take immediate action to eliminate or reduce the Hazard.

·         Make use of Administrative and Engineering controls.

·         Make use of required Personal Protective Equipment. 

Judgment Skills and Critical Abilities

This section has been made sufficiently open to accommodate both vocational and academic orientations. Applicants can refer to Judgement Skills, or Critical Abilities (critical skills, dispositions, values, and actions), or both.

·         The learner will be able to:

·         Show awareness of aspects regarding Health & Safety while driving.

·         Review different workplace and driving situations and identify where changes are required

·         Review own Occupational H&S while driving.

·         Implement Occupational H&S with confidence.

·        Identify various situations, i.e., various hazards at the place of work where the Risk varies radically according to the circumstances of the surroundings which may be ambient temperature, machinery, heights etc.

·         Evaluate in a basic manner the role of Health & Safety in today's Workplace.

·         Critically evaluate in a basic manner their role (individual or in teams) in identifying and assessing various Physical and Psychological Hazards.

·         Establish a clear recognition of the balance of the rights and obligations at the workplace.

·         To recognize the ill-health effects of exposure to chemical & biological Hazards.

·         To classify the options to control these hazards in the workplace.

·        Module-Specific Communication Skills

The learner will be able to:

a) Interact in a small group with respect to OHS – RA.

b) Collaborate and work better with other drivers.

c) Be more assertive and motivated.

d) Confidently communicate and discuss Occupational H&S Issues.

e) Express their personal views.

Module-Specific Learner Skills

The learner will be able to

a) Be more reflective.

b) Be more Assertive.

c) Communicate more effectively.

d) Carry out an appraisal of a safe place of work.

e) Work in teams.

f) Recall salient points about the Employment and Industrial Relations Act.

g) Adapt to a Safe Culture Policy.

h) Be more Conscious to a ‘Safe Culture at the place of Work’.

i) Anticipate and prevent accordingly.

Assessment: The participants will be assessed at the end of the course. For each unit, there will be a set of multiple-choice questions. This means that the participants are expected to respond to every question and indicate the correct answer.

Every participant is also assessed on how they interacted with the class and the trainer during each presentation, and how they managed to apply the skills and knowledge that were taught during the lessons, such as assertiveness and positive language.

Hours of Total Learning – 100:

Total Contact Hours: 48

Self-Study Hours: 24

Supervised Placement and Practice Hours: 16

Assessment Hours: 12

Course Fee: €760 per person (min 6 persons). 

Date of Next Intake: January 2024



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