Award in Pre
Employment Skills

Training Course: PS03 - Award in Pre-Employment Skills

Course Description: Job seekers can at times not be chosen because of the way they present themselves in their covering letter and CV. These can be either not professionally presented or do not reflect a true image of the job seeker. Moreover, jobseekers might find it difficult during a job interview to demonstrate all their skills. This course aims at giving learners the possibility to reflect on these aspects and increase their confidence on how they present these aspects in job seeking. This shall be provided through individual attention in small groups to improve their presentation skills both at the job application stage and also during the interview phase. This would inadvertently increase the possibilities for learners to become more employable.

MQF Level: Level 3                                                            ECTS: 2

Mode of Delivery: Traditional/ Face to Face                    Total Hours: 50 hours

Mode of Attendance: Part Time                                       Language: English  

Programme Duration: 4 Weeks

Target Audience: 16-18, 25+,

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Target Group: A preparatory vocational training specifically designed for job seekers. Ideally participants should have achieved a Level 2 in their education.

Accreditation Category: Further Education Programme 

Accredited by: Malta Further & Higher Education Authority. (MFHEA).

Course Structure: By the end of this course, the applicants will be able to:

·         Identify and appraise their own skills.

·         Understand and apply to appropriate job openings.

·         Write and update their own CV.

·         Be well-prepared for a job interview.

·         Present themselves confidently for a job interview.

·         Promote their own skills during a job interview.

·         Write and update a covering letter in view of applying to appropriate job openings.

·         Promote their own thinking and problem-solving skills.

Entry Requirements: Learners should be able to have the following basic skills:

·         Basic English skills (comprehension, writing, reading, speaking).

·         Basic Maltese skills (comprehension, writing, reading, speaking).

·         Basic Maths skills (comprehension, writing, reading, speaking).

·         Basic IT skills.

·         Basic is defined as pre-Matsec Level.

Outline of Course: The aim of the module is to enhance the skills in job seekers with regards to CV and Cover Letter writing. It is also to create the awareness of these two tools and their importance towards achieving one's goal that of finding the best job that fits the person. It will also enable participants to learn how to adapt Cover Letters and update their CVs regularly. 

Competences -

a) Write and update a CV.

b) Understand well a Job Advert.

c) Write a Cover Letter and adapt it according to a Job Advert.

d) Identify and appraise one's own skills.

e) Apply for job openings.

f) Write confidently in basic Maltese.

g) Write confidently in basic English.

Knowledge -

a) Understand and identify basic working skills.

b) Know what a CV and its purpose.

c) Know what a Cover Letter and its purpose.

d) Know how to update a CV and a Cover Letter.

e) Read well a Job Advert.

f) Know how to match a Job Advert with one's own skills.

g) Know Maltese and English basics in comprehension, reading and writing.

Skills -

Applying knowledge and understanding

The learner will be able to:

a) Work with one's own basic working skills.

b) Write a CV.

c) Write a Cover Letter.

d) Update a CV and a Cover Letter.

e) Read well a Job Advert.

f) Match a Job Advert with one's own skills.

Accreditation of Full Higher Education Qualifications.

g) Write, read and understand basic Maltese and English.

Judgment Skills and Critical Abilities

The learner will be able to:

a) Identify the level of one's own basic skills.

b) Identify new areas of improvement to enhance one's own skills.

c) Correct and improve one's own CV.

d) Adapt a Cover Letter according to a Job Advert.

e) Analyse and match one's own skills according to the Job Advert.

f) Correct one's own Maltese and English mistakes. 

Additional Module-Specific Communication Skills, if required.

The learner will be able to:

a) Seek help to improve one's own CV.

b) Seek help to improve and adapt a Cover Letter.

c) Communicate with job advisors when in difficulty.

d) Communicate in writing and by telephone with potential employers.

Learning Outcome 1: Outcome Type – Skill

The learner will be able to:

a) Understand the ideal methods of communication both in written and speaking mode for a job application and interview.

b) Display more confidence whilst communicating.

c) Communicate more effectively with others especially potential employers.

d) Demonstrate problem-solving and thinking skills to potential employers.

Learning Outcome 2: Outcome Type – Knowledge

The learner will be able to:

a) Become more self-reflective.

b) Write an appropriate covering letter and a CV.

c) Present oneself assertively and confidently during a job interview.

d) Recognise their emotions.

e) Demonstrate better decision making through reflection and positive thinking.


The assessment shall consist of:

1. Writing a CV in Maltese and English and a covering letter in Maltese and English.

2. Role of a Job Interview: The participants are expected to respond to the questions asked by a job interviewer (one of the classes). The role of interviewer and interviewee will be rotated so that all participants will get the opportunity to interview/be interviewed. Set role play cards will be given to interviewers whilst interviewees will be assessed for responses. The participants are assessed on how the participants presented themselves in front of the job interview.

3. Rubrics will be developed, to guide the assessment process. Assessments will be marked against these rubrics.

Hours of Total Learning – 50:

Total Contact Hours: 16

Self-Study Hours: 20

Supervised Placement and Practice Hours: 8

Assessment Hours: 6

Course Fee: Starting from €1,440

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