Award in Interpersonal Communication Skills
Think Before you Speak!

Training Course: CS02 - Award in Interpersonal Communication Skills - Think Before you Speak!

Course Description: This course exposes the importance of having effective interpersonal communication skills. It provides learners with strategies to communicate more easily and appropriately with all stakeholders at the workplace, thus developing better relations with colleagues, negotiating better with clients and, as a result, improving the overall productivity of the workplace.

EQF/ MQF Level: Level 2                                                    ECTS per course: 1

Mode of Delivery: Traditional/ Face to Face                     Total Hours: 25 hours

Mode of Attendance: Part Time                                       Language: English  

Programme Duration: 1 Week

Target Audience: 16-18, 25+,

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Target Group: This course is aimed at learners 16+; it can, however, be taken by any candidates interested in improving their communication skills. It is particularly aimed at students, the unemployed and those looking to increase their employability by helping them acquire basic communication skills required for the job market.

Accreditation Category: Further Education Programme 

Accredited by: Malta Further & Higher Education Authority. (MFHEA).

Course Structure: This Award is designed to enable learners to improve their interpersonal communication skills and distinguish between effective and non-effective communication.


1. Principles of effective speaking and listening.

2. Ability to communicate coherently.

3. Conflict management strategies.  


4. Improve one's dependability by applying good interpersonal communication.

5. Develop active listening skills.

6. Demonstrate patience and empathy.


7. Choose and apply appropriate negotiating skills.

8. Employ the tools learnt to assess if a problem is stemming from miscommunication.

9. Apply the skills needed to communication effectively within a team Plan for further interpersonal skills development.

Entry Requirements: Have a basic secondary education /school leaving certificate. Be able to communicate both orally and in writing in English.

Outline of Course: The focus of this module is on improving one's interpersonal communication Skills and teaching youths the importance of distinguishing between effective and non-effective communication. Together with other modules in this course it aims to show new employees how much employers value communication skills since they contribute to a positive work environment and are essential for a productive workplace. 

Competences: - at the end of the module/unit the learner will have acquired the responsibility and autonomy to:

a) employ the tools learnt to assess whether a problem is stemming from miscommunication.

Apply the skills needed to communicate effectively within a team.

b) gauge what further interpersonal skills he or she might require further.

c) choose appropriate negotiating skills. 

Knowledge - at the end of the module/unit the learner will have been exposed

to the following:

a) defining the principles of effective speaking and listening techniques.

b) recognise what is needed for coherent communication.

c) select appropriate conflict management strategies. 

Skills - at the end of the module/unit the learner will have acquired the

following skills:

Applying knowledge and understanding. The learner will be able to:

a) demonstrate a more dependable character.

b) develop and apply active listening skills.

c) demonstrate patience and empathy with all stakeholders.

Judgment Skills and Critical Abilities

This section has been made sufficiently open to accommodate both vocational and academic orientations. Applicants can refer to Judgement Skills, or Critical Abilities (critical skills, dispositions, values, and actions), or both. The learner will be able to:

a) reflect on where communication is stalling and identify better interactive ways.

b) handle conflict.

c) show different sides to an issue.

d) recommend unpopular decisions.

Module-Specific Communication Skills

The learner will be able to:

a) choose the tone of voice, words, and body language appropriate for a given situation.

b) identify subtle signs from participants for smoother and more favourable social interaction.

Module-Specific Learner Skills

The learner will be able to:

a) reflect on the best context-appropriate language, tone and behaviour to use. 

Learning Outcome 1: Outcome Type – Skill

Articulate one’s opinion clearly and coherently. Evaluate the ideas of others respectfully. Apply context-appropriate norms and behaviour in communication.

Learning Outcome 2: Outcome Type – Knowledge

Examine one’s social competences. Assess strengths and areas for further personal development in view of social norms. Develop one’s sense of personal worth.

Assessment: The assessment for this Award consists of two parts:

1) Learners will be continuously assessed on their participation in class and their group work contribution for the formative assessment part.
2) For the summative assessment participants will be assessed during an individual presentation given in class and a group role playing session held at the end of the course.
The maximum mark is set at 100% and to be awarded a certificate, participants will be required to achieve a minimum aggregate of 50% of the maximum mark.

Hours of Total Learning – 25:

Total Contact Hours: 10

Self-Study Hours: 10

Supervised Placement and Practice Hours: 3

Assessment Hours: 2

Course Fee: €150 per person (min 6 persons). 

Date of Next Intake: January 2024

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